Bob Fowler captivated a packed congregation at the Ministerial Alliance Thanksgiving Service.

Bob Fowler captivated a packed congregation at the Ministerial Alliance Thanksgiving Service. Fowler talked of the may "God Moments" he and his family experienced after he suffered a "widow-maker" heart attack while running in the Boulder Boulder 10-kilometer race Memorial Day weekend in 2013.

Nearing the end of the race Fowler, who was experiencing no signs of a heart attacked collapsed when he had a heart attack of the type commonly known at the "widow-maker." It is a blockage of the left interior descending artery that people usually don't survive.

Fowler truly knows that God was looking after him as well as his family the entire time. A multitude of odd circumstances, which Fowler refers to as "God Moments," took place that day that led to the miracle of survival. He had taken a less congested side of the road after meeting up with son Nathan and son-in-law Jake; that part of the course allowed quick access to the hospital. Cardiologist Dr. Chuck Rodgers was running right behind him. Fellow runners immediately began cardiopulmonary resuscitation. There were three doctors there, one holding his hand and praying while the other two worked. A quick-thinking EMT ran to a nearby Starbucks and got bags of ice to pack Fowler's head. The reason for the ice is that brain tissue deteriorates rapidly with lack of oxygen.

Fowler had no heartbeat of his own for eight minutes. He was saved from brain damage because the CPR never let up, his head was kept cold, the ambulance got there in a hurry and above all God was with him. The extreme chest compressions broke all the bones in his chest, which caused for an extremely painful recovery.

Over the course of nine and a half months Fowler looked to God for everything and put it in His hands. Although he faced and made hard decisions, God continued to comfort him and bring him peace throughout every obstacle. Fowler gave up serving on the Fire Department, and was able to "switch" positions with the staff pharmacist at work.

Bob Fowler is a testament of God's plan. God definitely had a bigger plan for Fowler as he is a "walking, talking medical miracle."