Otero County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday to take care of regular business and protect the Otero County Logo.

Otero County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday to take care of regular business and protect the Otero County Logo.

First on the agenda was approval of the bid on the new copier for the clerk’s office. County Administrator Jean Hinkle reported the bid for the copier goes to Cannon for a heavy duty model, which at $4,620 with $650 trade-in, was not the low bid, but was the best for the job. The machine has a larger paper tray, a hard drive with one terabyte of memory and a capacity of making 25 colored or black and white copies per minute.

Sheriff Shawn Mobley requested approval for a grant assisting the 16th Judicial District to obtain a Department of Local Affairs grant in the amount of $50,000 for a trainer to serve with the marijuana task force. This is to assist all agencies in having proper training. Greg Kirkland is the main trainer, but will not receive all of the grant money, since four months of the year have passed.

Treasurer Dennis Smith gave the quarterly trustee report. New foreclosures include 13 regular and one extra-large foreclosure (over $250,000). Releases granted were 84 manually and 63 electronically. Nine deeds were recorded. The net earnings transferred to the county treasurer were $2,345.40.

An Ambulance Service Permit was granted to the Fowler Rural Fire Protection District for a new ambulance, a 2017 Dodge, which replaces their old Med 1. This ambulance was examined by Christy Bowman and is approved for Advanced Life Support.

The Otero County Logo Design was researched by Attorney Mike Niklos at the request of the Otero County Commissioners. In the past, some constituents have used the logo without their permission. By common law right, this logo is to be used only with the permission of the commissioners, Niklos discovered. Therefore, any use of Otero County’s logo without the express, written permission of Otero County will result in Otero County taking any action necessary to protect these common law rights relating to the Otero County Logo and its use as a trademark and to curtail any unauthorized use. The design was created by Bob Ashida, doing business as Buffalo Brothers Design Corporation. It was first used by Otero County in June, 1983.

Otero County Human Services Director Donna Rhode reported expenses at normal levels: Core Services, $14,184.76; out of home services, $69,286.84 plus augmenting amount of $4,097.90. Child care in April was $16,997.33.

Otero County Economic Development Coordinator Danelle Berg said the first meeting of the broadband information series, serving Otero, Bent and Crowley counties went well. The next meeting will be with Kiowa, Prowers and Baca counties. She has set up a survey online that may be taken by private consumers to investigate what service is already here, and if there is a large enough proportion of customers willing to pay more for faster internet.

Berg also attended the Spring Conference for the Business Loan Fund. Otero County’s fund is in good shape because it just received an extension of two years, plus additional money to lend. Federal dollars have already been appropriated.

Kathy Garcia reported for Senator Cory Gardner that Payment in Lieu of Taxes funds have been approved. The senator is pursuing means of making the payment automatic so that it does not have to be approved every year.