Improvement work on town facilities was the main topic of conversation during Monday's regular meeting of the town of Fowler Board of Trustees.

Improvement work on town facilities was the main topic of conversation during Monday’s regular meeting of the town of Fowler Board of Trustees.

Town Administrator Dan Hyatt said the swimming pool was filled up recently and then crews discovered there were a few cracks which caused leaks. The pool was then emptied and the cracks re-caulked and so far there haven’t been any additional leaks. Hyatt said the plywood on the snack shack will be pulled off and replaced or repaired. Additionally, the town has $4,000 in the budget for pool maintenance. One of the areas needing the most work is the changing rooms, and a plan will be put into place if they are not repaired before the pool opens for the summer season.

Hyatt said the recently planted grass at the cemetery is starting to come up. A local student, Jacob Efird, recently planted three trees on the eastern edge of the cemetery as part of an Eagle Scout project. The town crew dug the holes, but Efird and helpers were the ones who planted the trees. They are also planning to water the trees on days when the town’s sprinklers are not running.

Hyatt said once the mosquito sprayer has been inspected, they will begin using it.

The board of trustees approved a bid over over $15,000 to remove and trim dead trees and potentially dangerous branches from the library grounds and around the park. The money will be used from the town’s contingency fund. Trustees Andy Lotrich and Mayor Chuck Hitchcock asked that it be done as soon as possible and Lotrich encouraged it to be done by Missouri Day.

The board also approved an asbestos abatement contract in the amount of $20,272. Asbestos will be removed from the old Town Hall building.

The board also approved a contract with an outside company to clean up the "staging area" at the Fowler landfill. The state recently completed an inspection to close the landfill but discovered an area, owned by the town of Fowler, currently has huge piles of dirt, concrete, metal and asphalt. To be in compliance with state standards, all of that has to be removed or, if allowable, put into trenches. The company contracted with will remove the asphalt and concrete from the area, along with anything else that can’t be put into the trenches already established in the area. Hyatt said they will look at some of the material, especially the asphalt, as the town might be able to re-use for purposes of filling potholes.

Although the board voted yes to move forward with it, Lotrich said he felt this was another example of previous councils not effectively doing their job and leaving the newer generation of council people to clean it up. "We now have to pay for previous mistakes," Lotrich said.

Hyatt also thanked Town Clerk Kelly Lotrich and Treasurer Terry Martin for their professionalism and hard work. Both are certified and Hyatt said he is very "impressed with the the people and ethical skills."