Public Works Director Lex Nichols explained a correction to a 2015 legal description of a Cheraw property, a minor subdivision to a Fowler property, and an annual review for a special use permit just outside La Junta on the old veterinary property on San Juan Ave.

The legal description was for Alfred Ross Nielsen to correct legal description for a tract of land lying in the west half of the Northwest 1/4 of Section 28. The property is commonly addressed as 32640 Couty Road 33, Cheraw. The owner of record is Alfred Nielson.

The Fowler property was to split off 3,967 square feet more or less from one tract and merge to another tract in an agriculture zoned district. The property is commonly addressed as 34360 West St., Fowler, and the owner of record is Virginia Montoya; applicant is Kevan Smith. The split and merger make the properties equal in size.

The annual review for a special use permit was presented for allowing up to 10 large animals in a residential zoned district. Justin F. and Kimberly J. Quagliato currently have three horses at the property, commonly addressed as 2917 San Juan Ave., La Junta. If there are no complaints, there will be no further reviews.