Rebecca Goodwin gave the final report on grants which have been used by the Certified Local Government during the year since July 1 of last year.

Rebecca Goodwin gave the final report on grants which have been used by the Certified Local Government during the year since July 1 of last year. Three grants, matched by $3,275 in donated services by members of the Otero County Historical Preservation Board, were awarded. The actual grant money received was $3,013.13 plus $150 from the Otero County Commissioners. Two of the grants were for trips, and the mileage allowance had been lowered by the time the money was actually received. Kevin Lindhal, chair of the preservation board, took the Section 106 training. He paid his own hotel bill but received registration, travel and per diem allowances. Section 106 has to do with historical preservation on land owned by the government. Ed Stafford attended the Saving Places conference in February for three and a half days, for which he received a stipend for travel, hotel and per diem. The third grant was for developing the Otero County History Brochure, which has now been uploaded to the website. Much of the matching work was done writing the brochure and the grant covered the printing and materials. Altogether, the county received $6,640.30 in training and brochures for an investment of $150 from the commissioners, $3,215.30 grant and $3,275 donated time.

Ralph Gjertsen’s original bid for the reception desk was $11,194, but did not cover electric work. County Administrator Jean Hinkle said the county added $1,200 for electric to his bid. It also contained a plus or minus 15 percent, and they added 15 percent, although he has never come out higher than his bid on other jobs he has done for the county (e.g. courthouse remodel, drivers’ license office). With these add-ins, his bid was $14,073.10, still lower than Bassett Construction’s bid of $15,433. Gjertsen’s bid was accepted, not only because it was lower but also because his work has always been reliable, said Hinkle.

The Clean Valley Recycling Barn Dance’s Special Events Permit for 7 to 11 p.m. on July 1 was granted. The Sheriff’s Office will provide security for the event, which will be held in the Old Sugar Factory east of Swink. Restrooms are now available inside and outside the building (porta-potties).

A possible combination of the Colorado State Experimental Station on County Road 21 and the Colorado State Extension Service in Rocky Ford was discussed. Chairman Kevin Karney pointed out it would be easier to direct a client to the proper department for his problem if the offices were in one location.

The Otero County check registers, on the 15th and the final for the month, will be printed monthly in the newspaper of the year (in 2017 it is the La Junta Tribune-Democrat) starting this month. June registers will come out the first part of July.

Otero County Economic Development Coordinator Danelle Berg reported a good Otero Partners Inc. meeting this month. The organization was able to finance a move to a newer building on Santa Fe for a local physician. Thanks to cooperation with the Health Care Providers, more people came to the meeting and volunteered for committee work. As loans are repaid, the money goes back into a revolving loan fund to help others.

Pre-bid conference was held for the 4-H Barn restrooms, and the bids are due on Friday. Three companies are bidding on the project.

Commissioner Keith Goodwin expressed appreciation for free Landsat United States Geological Survey Maps to aid in restructuring the county maps, which were last updated in 2009. He discovered the free updated maps while attending the Arkansas River Round Table. He also reported financials are good for Otero County Landfills Inc., but there is some difficulty in passing all the specifications for closing Site 3.

Karney feels RESADA is doing a good job under the new manager, especially in keeping track of medications through a different method of pill counting. Signal out of Colorado Springs is training the counselors and has received a grant for doing so, at Levels 1, 2 and 3. Level 3 counselors are trained to supervise Levels 1 and 2. The budget has been helped by a $5,000 grant for controlling opioids from the Anschutz family.

Karney attended the Southeast Water Conservation District meeting, in which there was a presentation on “Framing the Future.” The water water yield looks good on both the eastern and western slopes.