An unplanned demonstration of weather quirkiness illustrates David Takashi's talk

On Thursday evening at the Barista, a group gathered to hear David Takashi from Denver talk about climate change. Outside the clouds were gathering for the most spectacular microburst many of the group had ever seen. First came the burst of wind, then the torrential rain mixed with nickel-sized hailstones bouncing off the downtown pavement.

According to Takashi’s ensuing message, this is the result of stalled pressure systems, to oversimplify. Here it is as presented:

“We have warmer air, which can hold more moisture. More moisture means heavier precipitation

"We have deforestation so less water is stored on land.

"We have a warmer Arctic area due to ice melt.

"We have the jet stream remaining stationary creating stalled pressure systems.

"The rain, normally spread over a west to east area, falls in a single region…other regions experience drought.”