Head DECK:


Tri-County Family Care Center will be sponsoring its 18th annual “Building Trust” contest with K’NEX kits on Sunday, Aug. 20, 12:30 p.m. in the Exposition building during the Arkansas Valley Fair in Rocky Ford.

Kits will be provided free of charge for the participants to keep. This activity encourages parents or other adult sponsors to interact and be involved with youth.

Each team will include one child and one parent or adult sponsor. The concept of the activity is to illustrate good communication skills and to build trust between the team members. There will be a Junior Division (ages 5-8); an Intermediate Division (ages 9-12); and a Senior Division (ages 13-17).

Each age category will be given a certain amount of time to build the kit. The adult will instruct the child on how to build that particular kit, without the child seeing the picture or reading the instructions. Each team will be judged according to how well they communicate and how much of the kit is completed during the time allowed.

For the Senior Division (13-17), the roles will be reversed by letting the child read the instructions to guide the adult on how to put the kit together.

Trophies for first, second and third places will be given for each age category and each team will receive a participation ribbon. Each child participant will be able to enter a drawing for a grand prize donated by the K’NEX Company, which is a Blizzard Blast Roller Coaster building set.

A special category has been made for a man and woman couple to compete against other couples. They may choose who will build the kit and who will be instructing.

To pre-register, stop by Tri-County Family Care Center, 512 ½ North Main, Rocky Ford to pick up a form, or you can register at our booth at the fair. Preregistration is advised because of a limited number of K’NEX kits. The kits were made available from the K’NEX Company and various funding sources.

For more information, call (719) 254-7776 or email sarah.tricountyfcc@gmail.com.