Second Chance

Second chances come in many forms for each of us, but for 21-year old Jessica Danielle Licano, her second chance came on Wednesday, Oct. 25.

Licano, a college student and full-time employee at Loaf N’ Jug in Fowler, received a phone call from the Colorado Lottery Office, notifying her she had won a “gift bag” and asked her to be in their office located in Pueblo, by 4:30 p.m. that afternoon.

“My car battery was dead, so my manager, Lillian Totten, drove me to Pueblo,” said Licano.

“We were late, so I was driving fast to get her there on time. When we got there we both saw this plastic bag with a Frisbee, T-shirt, some pens and a cup. We looked at each other, and I thought to myself, we were speeding up here for that?” Totten said with a chuckle.

Moments later, Licano received the surprise of her life, a check in the amount of $250,000.

“I was shocked; I didn’t know what to think. My first phone call was to my mom. I really can’t remember what she said, we were both crying,” said Jessica.

Buying lotto tickets on a whim, she had purchased a few scratch tickets here and there, and of course she purchased them from Loaf N’ Jug, with never a winner. Friends had told her about the Second Chance program, so in December 2016, she entered 10 of her losing tickets online.

Licano plans to keep working while pursuing her college degree. Although she is undecided as to what she really wants to do, her studies are in education and business management.

When asked what she likes most about her job, she quickly responded, “the customers and socializing.”

“She’s a good employee, does extra for people, she has always bought coffee for the older customers that come in daily. She’s very deserving,” said Totten.

Although she’s still reeling from her big win, she has plans to pay off students loans, her car, and can now buy a new car battery.