County Clerk Sharon Sisnroy is retiring, passes torch to Glenna Potts.

Passing the torch

On Tuesday night at the meeting of the Otero County Democrats, Glenna Potts announced her candidacy for County Clerk.

Glenna Potts has been in the County Clerk’s Office since July 2010 and has been the Chief Deputy Clerk since March 2013. In the time she has been Chief Deputy Clerk, the Otero County Clerk, Sharon Sisnroy, has trained Potts in some of the duties of the County Clerk. Recently, Sisnroy has decided to retire and not run another term, which has given her the opportunity to train Potts in the difficult tasks of the County Clerk including personnel, accounts payable, budget planning, and elections.

Potts has assisted in Elections since 2013, specifically with the Health Care Facilities, helping the elders. She attended a week long election class, sponsored by the Secretary of State’s office and became certified in elections May 2016.

Potts settled in Otero County in July 1999 to work at CenturyTel. When CenturyTel closed in 2001, she became the Director of the Boys & Girls Club in Rocky Ford. Shortly before the club closed, she became the overnight manager at Village Inn until her employment at Otero County. Potts spends her personal time with her husband, Virgil, crafting pallet projects, gardening, and spending time with their four children and six grandchildren.