Cynthia Crouch is pleased to announce that she will be running for the position of Crowley County Clerk & Recorder. She has worked as Town Clerk of the Town of Ordway for the past seven years, and says, “I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to serve the Town of Ordway and fellow residents. I believe my experience as Town Clerk along with my close connection to this community are what inspired me to run for this position. I am confident that I will be a great addition to the highly respected team already established within Crowley County.” Cynthia, known to most as Cindee, moved to Crowley County nine years ago, however her family ties have always made this home. As a devoted mother of two young daughters, she is a strong supporter of the Crowley County Chargers as both a parent and proud resident.

Cindee is also an avid member of several boards and committees including the Ordway Summer Festival Board, Cemetery Board, Tree Board, and Economic Development Board. As Town Clerk, Cindee has become familiarized and directly involved with several projects in Ordway, mainly the Ordway Summer Festival where she has helped plan and orchestrate multiple events. In 2014, she worked in partnership with the Crowley County schools in obtaining a grant to purchase the new playground equipment that is now installed at Conestoga Park. Her position as Town Clerk has afforded her the opportunity to build strong and diverse relationships with members of the community through outreach projects and day-to-day service at the Town Hall. “My desire is to not only serve Ordway, but all of Crowley County. We are stronger together!