The Grizzlies started off their week with a game against the Manzanola Bobcats on Tuesday evening. The game was a pretty uneventful one, the Grizzlies not scoring for the entirety of the match. The Bobcats scored two runs in the third inning, giving them the win. The score was 0-2.

Fowler had a much better second half of the week, with a doubleheader against the Swink Lions on Saturday afternoon - though this did not show right off the bat.

In the first inning, the Lions scored one run and the Grizzlies did not score at all. In fact, the Lions kept the Grizzlies off of the board until the sixth inning. All while the Lions scored no runs in the second inning, three runs in the third inning, no runs in the fourth inning, and one run in the fifth inning. This gave them five runs by the time Fowler made their way onto the scoreboard.

Once Fowler started to score, there was no stopping them. After they made their first run in the sixth inning, they continued to score four more times in the seventh inning and three in the eighth. The score was 8-5 to end the game, the Grizzlies making a comeback and taking home the win.

There was still another game for the day though and Swink started it off strong. They scored four runs in the first inning. The Grizzlies made one run in the same inning and then their scoring was once again put to a halt.

Swink made three runs in the second inning and one run in the third inning. By this time the Grizzlies got back on their feet. The scored one run in the fourth inning as the Lions did the same.

In the fifth inning, neither team scored. In the sixth inning the Grizzlies scored their final three runs as the Lions scored another six. The final score for the game was 5-15, with the Grizzlies taking the loss for this one.