The Fowler Grizzlies baseball team had three games this week: one against the Holly Wildcats on Monday and two against the Rocky Ford Meloneers on Saturday.

The game on Monday was a slow one for the Grizzlies. The Wildcats kept them off the board until the third inning. During this time, the Wildcats scored once in the first inning and five times during the third inning. The Grizzlies scored once in the third inning.

In the fourth inning, Holly put another four runs on the board. Fowler did not score in the fourth or fifth innings. Holly scored their final run in the fifth inning. The final score for the game was 1-11.

Saturday consisted of another double-header for the Grizzlies. The Meloneers scored their first run in the first inning, as the Grizzlies did not score any. In the second inning, neither teams scored any runs.

In the third inning, the Meloneers score three runs and the Grizzlies scored their first two runs. Neither team scored for the fourth inning.

Rocky Ford scored two runs in the fifth, the Grizzlies not scoring any in the inning. Both of the teams scored one run in the sixth inning. Rocky Ford scored three runs and Fowler scored two to finish off the game. The final score was 5-10, the Grizzlies losing.

In their final game of the week, the Fowler Grizzlies scored their first run right off the bat in the first inning. The Meloneers did not score in the first inning.

In the second inning, Rocky Ford scored 10 runs to put themselves on the board and then another four in the second inning and another one in the fifth inning. They did all of this while holding the Grizzlies to their first run. The game finished after the fifth inning, the final score being 1-15, leaving the Grizzlies with no wins for the week.

Fowler played County Line Tuesday in District 6 Tournament play. A win will advance them to the DIstrict 6 semi-final round in Rocky Ford.