Co-owners Nikki Eckels and Sydney Buhr opened their new furniture and decor store on Tuesday. As they prepare for a more public grand opening in November, they are hard at work getting everything into place. They plan to host Do It Yourself refurbishing courses and look to sign consignments with interested locals.

A brand new La Junta shop opened on downtown Santa Fe Avenue on Tuesday: the Broke-N-Busted Boutique. The shop features refurnished furniture and colorful decor. It's co-owned by Nikki Eckels and Sydney Buhr, who wanted to bring furniture options to locals in the Arkansas Valley.

"Most of it, I guess you could say 75% of it, is reused or recycled furniture, home decor, in some way," said Eckels. She was busy organizing the space that will soon enough become a workshop floor where anyone can sign up for DIY (Do It Yourself) painting and refurbishing courses offered by the boutique.

"We’d like to teach everybody how to make their own signs and paint their own furniture — this will be a kind of DYI area," Buhr said.

Classes will begin on January 1, 2019. Broke-N-Busted Boutique is hosting a grand opening on November 17. Buhr said they'd have gift certificates and DIY course enrollment all prepared for the grand opening.

"This is going to turn into kind of a flea market area," Buhr said. She looked to the shop floor. Plenty of redesigned cabinets, desks and other items already lined both walls of the open studio space. "[We want to] keep prices low in this area, and then show them out here. Hoping to eventually let people come in and [make] consignments."

Eckels and Buhr started renovations in July. They've been hard at work to get the space ready for business. Buhr lives in an apartment above Broke-N-Busted Boutique with her fiance, Irvin Unez, who works at the store fixing, building and painting furniture. The three of them did all the renovations themselves -- a testament to their passion for Do It Yourself projects.

"We hope to bring a lot of business to La Junta so that locals don't have to leave and go all the way to Pueblo," said Buhr. "They should check us out before they make that long drive. We’re trying to take old furniture and make it a little modern, keeping the same old charm. And we redo it all. If the drawers are broken, or the knobs. And we totally transform the piece."

Buhr and Unez recently got engaged, and Eckels got married not long ago.