This celebration is growing like a weed in SE Colorado

Doc Jones was at his best on Saturday, swapping tales and helping out all over the campground at Boggsville. This party is getting bigger and better every year. It’s nice that a lot of the townsfolk are chipping in to help out with the celebration. You can’t help noticing the names of people and businesses all over the place. “The sponsors make cash donations to help with wagons and groceries,” said Jones.

“He’s doing everything he can to promote us,” said Clara Lee Stafford. Her husband, Ed Stafford, is an enthusiastic backer of Jones, writing articles every time Jones has a gathering. This one at Boggsville is especially impressive, because it has everything: cowboy poetry and music, old time piano from Leon Davis, Spanish dancing, buggy rides, plowing with draft horses - you name it: if it had to do with the Old West and the frontier, it was there at Boggsville.

Looking especially good were the campfire peach cobbler, the biscuits and beer batter bread, and the potatoes, cut up fine and sprinkled with peppers. The meat was nice and tender, too. There must have been four times as many vendors as ever before.