MONTE VISTA — The Rocky Ford High School cross country team closed out its regular season schedule on Friday as it competed at the Eric Wolff Invitational at the Monte Vista Golf Course.

The Meloneer boys team finished in a tie for seventh with Alamosa as both scored 123 points.

Rocky was led by Noel Lopez, who was fourth in 17:26.68. Jason Hernandez was 32nd in 20:15.90, Jayden DeLeon was 55th in 21:37.76, Jadon Vigil was 60th in 21:55.88, Matthew Huff was 71st in 24:14.67, Jonathan Snyder was 80th in 27:56.68, Giovanni Camacho was 83rd in 29:24.00 and Carson Ramirez was 86th in 39:42.31.

Gunnison was the boys' team champion with 18 points. Pagosa Springs was second with 55, Bayfield was third with 57, Centauri was fourth with 90 and Mancos was fifth with 110.

Custer County's Micah Zeller was the boys' individual medalist in 16:39.38.

The Lady Meloneers were fourth in the girls' race with 70 points.

Kaysa Kurtz-Merwin was Rocky's top girl runner as she was 18th in 23:18.65. Katie Preciado was 24th in 24:05.77, Ashlyn Alvey was 27th in 24:24.17, Jacquelin Alvey was 28th in 24:24.65, Kailene Black was 35th in 24:50.67, Martha Castaneda was 41st in 26:08.35, Kooper Grinstead was 45th in 26:47.11 and Gisselle Preciado was 67th in 30:14.83.

Pagosa Springs won the girls' team championship with 15 points, followed by Gunnison with 30 and Centauri with 66.

Gunnison's Ivy Pelletier was the girls' individual champion in 21:05.87.

Rocky Ford will host the Class 2A Region 3 Meet on Friday at 10 a.m. at the new Melon Field. The top four teams and the top 15 athletes will qualify for the State Meet on Oct. 27 in Colorado Springs.

Boys' team scores

Gunnison 18, Pagosa Springs 55, Bayfield 57, Centauri 90, Mancos 110, Salida 111, Rocky Ford 123, Alamosa 123, Custer County 139, Del Norte 170, Primero 175, Antonito 199.

Girls' team scores

Pagosa Springs 15, Gunnison 30, Centauri 66, Rocky Ford 70, Bayfield 87, Mancos 90.

Junior high results

Rocky Ford Junior High School also competed at the Eric Wolff Invitational on Friday.

The Meloneers were third in the boys' meet with 52 points. Rocky was led by Caden Miller, who was fourth in 10:33.29. Josh Snyder was sixth in 10:41.00, A.J. Jaramillo was 21st in 11:30.06, Mateo Martinez was 28th in 11:38.16 and Timothy Cardenas was 29th in 11:40.93.

The rest of the Meloneers included Jadiss Rodriguez, who was 30th in 11:41.21, Trevan Romero, who was 38th in 12:10.24, Aaron Culver, who was 39th in 12:15.86, Gavin Fluke, who was 53rd in 12:48.05, Addison Brusuelas, who was 55th in 12:56.81, Kathir Sasikumar, who was 63rd in 13:35.23, Robert Kimber, who was 75th in 14:27.12, Cruz Vallejos, who was 78th in 15:11.96, Garhett Bruna, who was 91st in 16:37.88, and Kevin Tillman, who was 92nd in 16:39.32.

Centauri was the boys' team champion with 28 points and Alamosa's Ortega Middle School was second with 30.

Ortega's Santiago Trujillo was the boys' individual champion in 10:05.35.

The Rocky Ford girls were ninth with 149 points.

Laticia Garcia was the top Lady Meloneer runner as she was 39th in 13:34.61. Haley Cordova was 40th in 13:35.03, Miranda Jones was 41st in 13:36.45, Laticia Apodaca was 43rd in 13:40.13:40.16, Emma Pachak was 49th in 13:44.65, Kiana Cordova was 83rd in 16:05.63 and Regan Daniels was 94th in 18:27.97.

Ortega won the girls' championship with 16, followed by Lake County with 39 and Centauri with 54.

Oretga's Elizabeth McQuitty was the girls' individual medalist in 11:12.69.

Boys' team scores

Centauri 28, Ortega 30, Rocky Ford 52, Lake County 63, Monte Vista 102, Sargent 111, Mancos 141, Bayfield 156, Custer County 161, Pagosa Springs 167, Antonito 185.

Girls' team scores

Ortega 16, Lake County 30, Centauri 54, Mancos 77, Pagosa Springs 91, Bayfield 113, Monte Vista 132, South Park 146, Rocky Ford 149.