A perfect day for banana fish

The Arkansas Valley Balloon Festival got off to a great second-day start, with the wind calm and every little thing in order. Rockie Sanders said, “Twenty-seven balloons are flying today. Twenty-eight signed up, but one had a rip in his balloon he couldn’t fix in time and couldn’t make it.

After a frustrating day on Saturday, the pilots and crews and passengers were up and flying on Sunday morning. As Inge Wolcott (a Toucan Fly pilot) said, “We came to fly!”

On Saturday one pilot remarked, “If we had flown today, we would have made a new record speed to Boise, Oklahoma!

The balloons weren’t speeding, but drifting along steadily toward Colorado Springs, the last I saw of some of them. Several touched down and took off again after crossing the Arkansas River, but some shut down there balloons there. A couple came up agains barbed wire fences along a back road, but were able to extricate themselves without damaging either themselves or their balloons.

It was a perfect day for hot air balloonists!