Fowler Roping Club members and their families gathered at the Cottonwood Links Golf Course in Fowler on Dec. 23 for year-end awards. Due to lack of rain and grass, a spring series wasn’t held, but the fall series was well-attended.

Winners of the 2018 Fall Series are:

Kids Division- tie for first Edie Mae Uratani and Emma Pharr. 2nd Wacey Pennington, 3rd Paisley Pennington.
J1 Division: 1st: Dallie Uratani
2nd: Wyatt Olson
3rd tie: Lane Hicks and Mattie Lambert
Junior Division: 1st:  Rylee Lambert
2nd: Chanlee Pennington
3rd: Emma Carter

First place winners will receive beautiful custom-made buckles by Tres Rios of Llano, Texas. Second and third place winners received a cash award.

The winners of the roping series were: Header – Teresa Walz, Heeler – Brett Lambert and the Lyle Adams Memorial Award winner was Dave Carlile. These individuals will also receive Tres Rios buckles.

In addition to the 2018 awards, winners were officially recognized from the 2017 Spring and Fall series.

Spring 2017 Winners:                                        
1st: Allie Martin                            
2nd: Weston Sumpter                    
3rd: Edie Uratani
8 & Under                        
1st: Jaslynn Bates                    
2nd: Dallie Uratani                    
3rd: Dax Books    
9-13 Division:                        
1st: Jordan Bates                    
2nd: Emma Carter                    
3rd: Hannah Carter    
Roping Winners                        
Header: Dub Martin                    
Heeler: John Jenkins                    

Fall 2017 Winners:

1st: Edie Uratani

8 & Under
1st: Jaslynn Bates
2nd: Wacey Pennington

9-13 Division
1st: Jordan Bates
2nd: Emma Carter
3rd: Taylor Osborne
14-18 Division
1st: Chanlee Pennington

Roping Winners
Header: Holly Ricken
Heeler: Cody Adams
Lyle Adams Memorial: Dave Carlile