Fowler School District hosted a Spelling Bee on Feb. 5. Students in grades four through eight qualified through grade-level competitions to the District Bee, according to Fowler School District Superintendent Alfie Lotrich.

Wyatt Bates, seventh grade, took first place, and he'll go on to compete in the March Spelling Bee.

William Carnes, fourth grade, took second place. Trinity Montoya, eighth grade, claimed third place.

Other students who participated in the Spelling Bee are:

Kiley Bouldin (8th), Sylvie Lotrich (8th), Jestine Romero (8th), Dominic Duensing (8th), Oliva Romero (8th), Brennan Marsh (7th), Aidan Smith (7th), Macy Cash (7th), Lizzy Ketner (7th), Sydney Carnes (7th), Jedadiah Ballard (6th), Anthony Smith (6th), Tracer Phillips (6th), Ava Brown (6th), Hagen McCuistion (6th), Dominic Armijo (6th), Izzy Pharr (5th), Kira Riley (5th), Rylie Bonjour (5th), Dylen Ormiston (5th), Kaden Doak (5th), Delilah Mason (5th), Isabella Marquez (4th), Harley Allen (4th), Kory Pieper (4th), Kadin Porco (4th) and Leah Brown (4th).

The staff sponsor for the Spelling Bee is Michele Clemmensen.