Our after-school program for this month will be focused, of course, on Valentine’s Day. Our kids will have the opportunity to craft their own valentine boxes to hold all those “sweet treats” they receive from their friends.

Stop in and peruse our latest titles: "The Wedding Guest" by Jonathan Kellerman, "Look Alive Twenty-Five" by Janet Evanovich, "Tomorrow," a novel by Damian Dibben, and a couple contributions from authors with a tie to Fowler - "Stories of Hunting and Horsin’ Around" by Jake Barnard and "The History of Lancetilla Botanical Garden, Honduras" by Don Hazlett.

AARP tax preparation at our facility began Monday. For those interested in this free service, which is available regardless of age, call  us at 263-4472 or Paula at 719-649-9401. Appointments are now being scheduled.

We thank you for using our facility to check out materials, fax or copy documents, and take part in our children’s programs.