From New World depictions to Old West cattle drives, the Longhorn breed signifies the evolution of the cattle industry and symbolizes the old frontier.

That's what attracted Windy Point Longhorn's Lana Pearson of Fowler to the breed the most.

Pearson began her Longhorn venture in 1996 under the leadership of lifelong friend Alan Clemmensen.

"Alan was a director for TLBAA (Texas Longhorn Breeders of America) and did photography for Longhorn breeders," said Pearson. "I tagged along and helped him with all of the activities, and I was immediately hooked. He passed away in 2007, and I stepped up to fill in on the local activities."

Today, Pearson runs 30 head of Longhorns in Southeast Colorado and is actively involved in the TLBAA. She currently serves as superintendent for the Texas Longhorn shows at the Colorado State Fair and National Western Stock Show.

At shows, spectators from all walks of life flock to the Longhorn pens to admire their rugged beauty. Pearson takes this opportunity to share her passion for the breed and educate the general public.

"The Texas Longhorn is the living symbol of the Old West," she said. "No two Texas Longhorns are alike. They all differ in color pattern, size, horn length and personality.

"Many times at a Longhorn show, people will say 'Look at all the bulls.' Just because of the horns. But it is fun to educate them that in this breed both females and males have horns."

Aside from her service to the industry, Pearson is committed to producing quality Longhorn cattle, and she has experienced her share of success.

Last year, Pearson showed in six Texas Longhorn shows across Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and New Mexico, and won grand championship titles at five of the six competitions.

Pearson carried her winning streak into 2019, earning the Reserve Champion Cow and Reserve Champion Bull at the National Western Stock Show.

Longhorn cattle are judged based on many characteristics, including horn growth, color and body conformation.

Pearson produces Longhorn cattle with one goal in mind.

"I want to raise the total package, not just horn but color confirmation, also," she said. "Longhorn horns and hide are worth money. Top dollars are paid for the horn, skulls and mounts that are used as decor in businesses and homes. "

Pearson also aims to produce Longhorn meat that is healthy with less fat and lower cholesterol for today's consumer.

"I have a deep admiration for the beauty, intelligence, endurance and the breed's historical significance," said Pearson. "I love to show anyone my Longhorn herds and spend time talking about Texas Longhorns."