Jeff Worth, the new chief of police for Fowler, recently retired after 19 years of service with the Santa Fe police department, as a detective and undercover narcotics officer.

Worth said that after retiring two years ago and “going from 250 miles an hour to 25 miles an hour,” he decided there is only so much fly fishing a guy can do. So when he saw an ad for the chief of police position in a police magazine, he talked it over with his wife, and they decided to make the move to Fowler.

“I’ve had a pretty aggressive career in police work," Worth told the Fowler Tribune. "I’ve worked some areas that weren’t that great, and this is kind of nice. I’m going to give it a try.

"I know there are some issues here, and I’d like to help with those issues. We don’t have to change the wheel, just get it rolling again. Maybe bring a different type of bigger-department philosophy."

Worth added, “Once I get things rolling and find out what issues the town is facing, I will be able to put Phase One in play. Phase One, of course is to hire a working department to cover all shifts for the Fowler police department."

The town has been without a police department since early January, when the chief and the other members of the force resigned in quick succession. Discussion with Town Administrator/Clerk Kelly Lotrich is underway for hiring a police department, said Worth.

At some point in time, Worth said he would like to have a “Saturday Coffee with the Chief,” where community members can share their issues with him so he can best serve the community.

“One of my first priorities is to do training with the schools," he said. "I met the Superintendent, he’s a great guy. I’m very impressed by the community of Fowler."

Worth also acknowledged and thanked the Otero County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance to the Town of Fowler during this transition period.