Planning for the 2019 Missouri Day Event is underway, and the Missouri Day Association is already buzzing about the excitement of this year’s festivities.

Every year, the association tries to improve from the previous year, learn where they need to improve and work hard to make each coming Missouri Day even more entertaining than the last.

Missouri Day 2019 is set to take place July 20, and this year’s theme will be "Viva Las Vegas!"

Plans are underway to provide entertainment for the whole family with highlight events such as the parade, a car show and the Ranch Rodeo. This year will also feature the second annual Friday Night Opener, to kick off the festivities.

The Missouri Day Association is currently looking for sponsors, as well as more volunteers, for the upcoming event. They are focusing on getting as many businesses as possible to participate in this year’s function.

The chairpersons of the Missouri Day Association - Becca Sharp and Shiann Garrett - will be sending letters to local businesses with options for sponsorship and asking for donations or volunteers if sponsorship cannot be given.

Missouri Day has grown significantly in the last few years, and with its growth, has come the challenge of obtaining additional funding and, most importantly, volunteers.

Missouri Day is a day of fun and family fundamental to our town and the businesses that help make our community thrive. This day is so widely publicized and is a great way for our local businesses to promote themselves and get involved.

Events like these bring communities together and Missouri Day isn’t just a day of entertainment, but it helps promote our local school clubs, churches, organizations and businesses. It is important to have as much involvement as possible and give back to our community The Missouri Day Association truly couldn’t run this event without the help of our generous community though monetary donations and volunteer time.

For anyone interested in sponsoring an event, a flyer will be made to promote that event and the event sponsor. This will be shared on the Missouri Day social media pages in an effort to reach a wider range of people. Sponsors will also be announced on a local radio station in the weeks prior to Missouri Day.

In addition, sponsors will be announced throughout the day of the event and a banner with their name and/or logo will be displayed.

If you are not interested in sponsoring one of the events, the Missouri Day Association is also asking for and accepting any donations. Any contribution, of course, is greatly appreciated.

The monetary donations will fund events that do not get sponsorship, as well as other costs that are required to organize the event, such as insurance, waste management, advertising, etc.

If you are unable to help financially, the Missouri Day Association always needs volunteers. Some volunteer positions take as little as an hour to fulfill. Some are needed the day of the event. Some in the days surrounding Missouri Day. It takes a village to make this event successful. Volunteers are equally as important as monetary donations.

To secure your event sponsorship, volunteer your time or for any questions you might have, contact Sharp at 251-7301 or Garrett at 251-3099.

In the alternative, feel free to attend the next committee meeting, scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Fowler Public Library.