Some of the most alluring places on Earth are found not only on stage with a magician, but in the universe of books, where readers are whisked away into infinite worlds of enchantment, discovery and learning.

This year, the Fowler Public Library will join other libraries around the country in celebrating “A Universe of Stories” as their Summer Reading Program, which begins this month and continues through August. The program will focus on space exploration and all that goes with it.

Magicians “Mr. E” and Kyle Groves have been entertaining audiences for many decades, captivating them with mystery, magic, comedy and wonder. In the process, they hope to imbue everyone - from kindergartners to adults - with a thirst for reading and learning.

In fact, Mr. E discovered his passion for magic as a boy in a small library in Montana. After discovering a book on the subject, he recalls being smitten by the world of magic.

“I read and reread that book many times,” he said. "If I hadn’t discovered the library, I might never have discovered a lifelong love of magic and entertainment.”

Mr. E then passed along the love of reading to his son, Kyle.

Both entertainers stress how developing a love of reading and books is more important than ever in this age of information and rapid technological change. They believe kids and others while away their days playing games online, while the formula for success in the 21st century must include reading. They’ll tell you the library and the Summer Reading Program are ideal tools that school-aged children and teens can use to develop a love for reading and a quest for knowledge that will serve them the rest of their lives.

“We tell everyone to dream big and, if they read enough books, they can be anything they want to be," said Mr. E.

Mr. E., his wife, Kathy, and Kyle run the award-winning The Party People & Theater of Mystery, in Pueblo. They are known as one of the leading family entertainment acts in the Rocky Mountain region.

This year’s show is called “Reach for the Stars,” and the team will take it to more than 60 libraries in states across the Rocky Mountain region, including Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, New Mexico and Montana.

What can you expect from “Reach for the Stars?”

The show sparkles with amazing magic featuring guests like the “Cow Who Jumped Over the Moon," a Space Alien Library Sign and a bucket designed to collect stars.

One thing is for sure: You never really know what to expect from a magician. The show also features tons of very cool comedy, appropriate mood-setting music, fantastic fun for everyone and the message of Read, Read, Read - all rolled into a well-designed, professional, family-friendly magic show for kids and adults.

From the second the show begins until it closes, everyone will be mesmerized and mystified.

Mr. E and Kyle are looking forward to seeing you and to making sure your summer is memorable and, most importantly, magical.

Mr. E and Kyle will perform "Reach for the Stars" at the Fowler Public Library at 11 a.m. July 5. The program is sponsored by Fowler Public Library.