The Colorado Seaplane Pilots Association and the Colorado Seaplane Initiative is hosting their annual “Splash-in” at the Lake Meredith Seaplane Base at Crowley County Park, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 15.

Privately-managed Lake Meredith is home to Colorado's first public use seaplane base and is currently among the only waterways open to seaplanes in Colorado, which remains the only state to not allow the craft to take off and land on state-managed lakes.

This year's event we will include:
    •    A Flight Simulator (MSFightSim) for those wanting to try their hand.
    •    A Free BBQ Picnic Lunch for all seaplane pilots, their passengers, and anyone signing up for the Seaplane Pilots Association and/or Colorado Pilots Association.
    •    Seminars:
    ◦    Flight Levels to Floats - Presented by Mary Smith, Training Program Manager for the B787 Dreamliner, United Airlines
    ◦    Invasive Species & Inspections
    ◦    Preparing to be a Seaplane Pilot - the requirements and standards.

All participating seaplanes will first land at La Junta airport for an ANS inspection, starting at 8am, and all seaplane pilots will receive an ANS decontamination kit, which will also be available to boaters.

The event will be at the Crowley County Park on the north shore of the lake. Park entrance is on County Lane 21 south, off State Highway 96 between Ordway and Sugar City.

For more information, contact Kelly Sloan at 970-424-6615 or