Though there are innumerable high school graduation ceremonies held across the country each spring, that doesn't dilute the significance of each teenager marking the proverbial transition from child to adult.

On May 25, the Crowley County High School Class of 2019 participated in what was most likely the biggest moment of their young lives.

Bidding their classmates a bright future and encouraging them to strive for better things were Valedictorian Sadie Brewer and Salutatorian Josiah Martinez.

The ceremony also included Remembrances and Forecasts, shared by Counselor Gail Anderson, and the presentation of a senior video, created by Isabel Ball and Madison Berg.

Receiving their diplomas were:

Allen, Paige
Ball, Isabel
Bauer, Jared
Berg, Madison
Brewer, Sadie
Brizendine, Jenna
Buford, Cannon
Carter, Shelby
Corsentino, Bailey
Cortes, Michael
Fuller, Logan
Geringer, Ashley
Geringer, Brett
Gump, Abigail
Harris, Brannon
Haynes, Rylee
Hernandez, Tesla
Lopez, Alexandra
Marsh, Mackynzie
Martinez, Gabrielle
Martinez, Josiah
McCutchen, Jaymes
Ornelas, Elena
Ozant, Trinity
Reisch, Hunter
Schwartz, Tyler
Silby, Harley
Valdez, Jorge
Walter, Lane

It'll be interesting to see what these young adults will do with their lives. The Fowler Tribune wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors.