1. Go to the Splash-In at Lake Meredith. The seaplanes land at the La Junta Airport first, to be checked for contaminants before they land in Lake Meredith. The contaminants most sought after are zebra mussels, and the ban on seaplanes in other lakes in Colorado is mainly based on keeping the mussels out of Colorado Lakes. Although the mussels clarify the water, they clog the irrigation canals. After the planes are checked, they proceed to Lake Meredith Seaplane Base, located at the Crowley County Park on the north shore of the lake. Park entrance is on County Lane 21 south, off State Highway 96 between Ordway and Sugar City. The roads are dusty but conditions are otherwise good. You may want to bring a lawn chair and a picnic lunch. A barbecue lunch is served for the seaplane crews and anyone signing up for the Seaplane Pilots Association and/or Colorado Pilots Association. A flight simulator will be available for those who want to try their hand.

2. Take the family to the WipeOut Pool. The weather is hot enough to enjoy it now. There may be a few thunderstorms, but the lifeguards will clear the pool for that, and we all know how unlikely rain is here.

3.  Go to the art reception at Gallery 313 on Santa Fe Ave. to see the paintings and drawings of Debbie Phillips. The reception is from 5 to 7 p.m. on Saturday.

4. Have a picnic in the park. Fishing has been very popular at the park lake lately. The ducks and geese are always fun to watch, and they enjoy chicken scratch to eat.

5. Stay up late and enjoy the cool evening breezes on your front porch or patio. Years ago, people sat out late and visited with their neighbors. Maybe we can do that again.