The Santa Fe Trail BOCES Internship Seminar students recently participated in “who you are MATTERS!”, a game created by Canadians Mark Franklin and Rich Feller of OneLifeTools.  The game helps students spark meaningful conversations, gain clarity, and generate ideas for future possibilities. This activity was recently facilitated by Jody Sniff, Las Animas Elementary School Counselor.  The local Youth Engagement Project team, as part of the Daniels’ Foundation grant, purchased the game upon Sniff’s recommendation.  Following the game, students used the Online Storyteller to write their personal stories, which can be used for scholarship applications, self-discovery, and direction.

La Junta, Cheraw, and Swink 11th and 12th graders are participating in the Internship Seminar facilitated by Rob George and Jennifer Nesselhuf.

The intern candidates are completing work-based learning activities including community business tours. The students hope to secure internships for the Spring 2020 semester. If you are interested in hosting a student intern contact Jennifer Nesselhuf at