Over the summer, Fowler FFA’s new officers went through multiple team-building activities.

Through these activities, we learned how to be better leaders as FFA chapter officers.

Dennis Huff was the leadership trainer. He taught us the different team dynamics required of a group of people in order to have a successful team. We were shown that communication and inclusion were huge parts of teamwork and leadership that we all can work on. We were taught that each person in a team represents a link and when one link is weak, it is the job of others on the team to be supportive and help pull the slack.

After we learned all these great things and had a quick meal at the Tamarack Grill in town, we came back and discussed our year in service of the chapter. Different things were discussed such as new things we would like to try through the chapter and through the community. Our officers were taught to be strong leaders and depend on ourselves and one another while enriching the FFA for our younger generations.

We were taught to be transparent and open with one another about how we might achieve these things. Officer training in the Fowler FFA was not only a fun experience, but it was a useful one and one our officers won’t soon forget.