Aguilar 11 16 14 -0
Manzanola 25 25 25 -3
Sierra Grande 25 21 25 15 8 -2
Manzanola 19 25 18 25 15 -3
Manzanola 15 25 25 18 13 -2
Centennial 25 16 10 25 15 -3

Homecoming week in Manzanola country was, for the most part, a successful one for the Bobcats volleyball team. It started with a win over visiting Aguilar in a conference contest on the Bobcats home court.

Manzanola took no prisoners in the first set winning 25-11 and then proceeded in the same fashion to win the next two sets 25-16 and 25-14 taking the match.

Next up the Bobcats continued their roll in the first match of a two-match tournament in San Luis by besting Sierra Grande in a long back-and-forth five set match against a very tough team from the valley. Sierra won the first and third sets 25-19, 25-18 with the Bobcats countering in the second and fourth 25-21, 25-15.

The tie breaking fifth was all Bobcats as they took the second match of the weekend 15-8.

The third contest was as equally enduring affair against Centennial going the full five set limit. This time however, the Rams prevailed to win the important Conference call in the last battle worn set by a mere two points 15 -13.

Senior Hayden Pate, sophomore Heaven Martinez and Emma Martinez a freshman all had an outstanding three game weekend of play.

Manzanola now has a 3-7 overall and 3-3 league record on the season.