The Fowler school board had their regular meeting on Monday.

In addition to their regular business, the board discussed the upcoming election.

Three members of the board are up for reelection, all three unopposed.

In other news, voters will be able to voice their opinion on proposition 5-A, which will increase taxes for a bond to help fund the plans to upgrade the school’s facilities.

Ballots have been arriving in the mail this week. Voters can also vote at their local voting centers.

Here is a breakdown of the tax information included with 5-A:

Residential: $55.45 per year per $50,000 ($4.62 per month) or $110.90 per $100,000 ($9.24 per month) of Home’s actual value (As determined by County Assessor)

Commercial: $449.80 per year per $100,000 ($37.48 per month) of commercial property’s actual value.

Flood Irrigated Land: $342.05 (Avg value per acre); $5.31 annual tax per acre; 44 cents monthly tax per acre.

Farm/Ranch waste land: $2.22 (Avg value per acre); 3.44 cents annual tax per acre; 0.2 cents monthly tax per acre.

Grazing land: $5.29 (Avg value per acre); 8.2 cents annual tax per acre; 0.7 cents monthly tax per acre.

Calculated to be “worst case”- depending on future rates & valuations should be lower.

Elementary bond from 2003- 2 years remain, will not levy- new bond would be essentially “extend.”

The next school board meeting will be on Tuesday, November 5 th at 7 pm. Meetings are open to the public.