The Picketwire Players presented a masterful production of “The Crucible” for audiences of high school students from Fowler, La Junta, Swink, Manzanola,  and Ordway on Wednesday morning. The production was of professional quality, not a hit of the amateurish.

Tim Baublitts, coach of the Drama Club at Fowler, takes his students to all of the Picketwire plays. They study all aspects of the plays from an educational viewpoint:  the props, the costumes, the lighting, the set, the makeup, the blocking - all of the components of a stage production.

“I take them to every play I can,” said Baublitts. “They enjoyed the play very much. We discussed it in the van on the way home from the play.”

To finance their trips to the plays, the students use the money from their Haunted Theater production for Halloween, coming up Thursday night, 5 to 8 p.m. at Fowler’s Valley Theater. When you get your scare at the Fowler Valley Haunted Theater, you have helped the Fowler Drama Club see more plays in order to enhance their theatrical education.