Kiowa 6 0 6 6 -18
Manzanola 22 21 15 7 -65

Inclement weather didn’t’ stop last Saturday’s non-conference contest between the Kiowa Indians and the Manzanola Bobcats. The Manzanola football team that has been improving with every outing this season were the host team and were eager, to say the least, to get the action going. Kiowa won the toss and deferred giving the Bobcats the ball to begin the affair.

The hosts wasted no time lighting up the scoreboard as Daniel Escareno found Blake Williams for 40-yard touchdown pass to start the scoring, then ran for the conversion to make it 8-0 with nine minutes to play in the first quarter. A rushing touchdown followed as the other Escareno, Axel, hit pay-dirt from 12 yards out and after the conversion it was 16-0 Bobcats.

Kiowa put up numbers on their side of the tablet responding with a long 58-yard run to make it 16-6.

Daniel Escareno ran for another score at the end of the initial quarter and again at the beginning of the second quarter and the Bobcats rolled on with a commanding lead at 30-6.

The ‘Escareno Show’ continued as brother Axel scored the fifth touchdown of the half taking it almost the full length of the field, 77 yards, and then added another scoring pass to Williams to make it an official runaway at the break, 43-6.

The third quarter wasn’t without excitement either as Dalton Carroll returned a Kiowa kickoff for a score boosting the home team’s lead to 51-12.

Two more Bobcats scores by, you guessed it, Axel Escareno and one more by the visiting Indians and the final was a very impressive win for Manzanola at 65-18.

“We ended our season on a good note unfortunately it fell on deaf ears," commented the Bobcat coach Scott Egan. “We ended up in the 18th spot and narrowly missed the playoffs. It really is too bad because we are playing our best football right now.

“Unfortunately,” said coach Egan, “with the RPI system you cannot afford to lose any game throughout the season unless your strength of schedule is extremely high. We dropped a couple games throughout the season that we shouldn’t have, and it came back to haunt us. We played well at the end and I am extremely pleased with the growth that these young men have made.”

The Bobcats won four of the last five games, with the one loss a close one to the Mountain Valley Indians (19-13) who did make the coming playoffs.