The County Clerk and Recorder's Office is lagging in some areas after an update last Wednesday to the operating systems of their office computers.

Elections Clerk Lynda Scott said at the Monday Board of County Commissioners meeting that after the state assisted the clerk and recorder's office in updating their computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10 they began experiencing severe slowdowns with computer systems in the clerk's office and with county vehicle and licensing services.

Scott said she was told by state officials that Windows 10 requires a higher bandwidth and that is the source of their technical issues. Scott also added that the state had been aware of Windows 10's bandwidth requirements and that at least a heads up about the issue would have been appreciated before the install happened last week.

"We're doing the best we can to let them know we are working on it," said Scott. "State informed us today that they are looking into Comcast, possibly, to put us on that (service provider). But it may be two weeks or a month or more before we know for sure.

"In the meantime we just kind of deal and hope we can get it to work better. Out of the nine computers I have for Driver's, only four to five work at any given time. It's been a frustrating week and it's only Monday.

The tech problems don't appear to be interfering with the county's ability to process ballots. Scott said they had received about 3,500 returned ballots as of Monday morning and that they would begin scanning them that afternoon.