Simla 0 0 0 0 -0
Fowler 16 24 0 0 -40

Many people would agree that their years in high school were some of the best times of their lives - particularly those individuals who were members or fans of a sports team.

And as the calendar turns to November, there is nothing like the excitement of high school football playoffs in cities across the state and throughout the nation every weekend. 

Those exciting times came around this past Saturday at 1:00 on the Grizzlies home turf as the Simla Cubs came to Fowler for a late season playoff contest. The winner of course would advance in the 8-Man Colorado State playoffs.

Pleasant warm and dry conditions were the setting as the Fowler defense put on a stellar performance on the afternoon. The Grizzlies once again kept the opposition to one touchdown or less for the eighth straight time.

The Grizzlies offense held steady as they have all year, scoring early and often to take a 16-0 lead in the first quarter. The second eight minutes was the defining quarter with the Grizzlies exploding for 24 more points to lead at the half 40-0.

“I thought we played really well right from the beginning,” stated Grizzlies coach Mark VanSickle. “We took control early and came out with no injuries which is really key this time of year.”

Fowler individual stats for the game: Luke Bitter 4-6 42 yards passing; Jackson Bates 10 carries for 209 yards rushing; Rylee Smith 2 receptions for 36 yards; Gabriel Proctor 8 tackles, Erik Hernandez 6, Jasper Smith 6, JJ Mobbley 5, Antonio Aragon 5, Gavin Smith 5, Thor Schiffer 4; Bitter 1 interception; Jackson Bates 3 touchdowns, Rylee Smith and Bitter 1 each.

Mancos will be the host for the next round with the Grizzlies (10-0) making the long journey to Southwestern Colorado. The Bluejays finished second in the Mountain 8-Man League standings with a 5-1 record and finished the regular season with an overall record of 9-1. The only common opponent for the grizzlies and the Bluejays during the regular season was the Sargent Farmers; Fowler beat the Farmers 50-27, Mancos beat the Farmers 58-31.

“Mancos is tough team that is well coached,” said the Fowler coach. “We will have to play well to a win on the road. We are on the road because both teams played at home and when that happens it comes down to a coin flip by CHSAA that we lost.”

Good Luck to the Fowler eight!