The Bobcats football team members got some well-deserved recognition this past week by being honored with All-Conference selections to the South-Central League for this past season. The Manzanola 6-Man football team finished the season 5-4 overall and after a rough start showed improvement throughout the rest of the year.

Axel Escareno led the Manzanola team that just missed the playoffs to some exciting Bobcats wins. Escareno was honored as the Player of the Year in 6-man football for the 2019 season and will play in the All State 6-8 man division game.

The other Bobcats honorees were: First team All-Conference South-Central League Axel Escareno - JJ Horn - Blake Williams. Honorable Mention – Daniel Escareno and Dalton Carroll.

The Bobcat volleyball team was recognized with the section of Heaven Martinez to the 1A District 6 All-Conference Honorable Mention team.