Members of the Fowler Roping Club and their families gathered at Fowler’s Cottonwood Links Golf Course on Dec. 21, 2019, for their annual awards banquet. Following a warm welcome by FRC President, Lisa Uratani, the large crowd enjoyed delicious brisket prepared by Eric Van Dyk and a vast array of side dishes and desserts, provided by FRC members.

The Fowler Roping Club holds a total of ten events throughout the year, five in the spring and five in the fall.  Kids compete in barrels, poles, flags, and goats. Each roping is jackpotted and points are kept for heading and heeling throughout the spring and fall series.

Beautiful Tres Rios custom made buckles were awarded to the all-around champions in each of the kids’ divisions as well as the champion header and heeler. Prizes were also awarded to second and third place winners in the kids’ divisions.

Year End Champions for 2019 are as follows:
Tiny Tot Division:
Year End All-Around Champion: Kashley Ingo
2nd place: Ridley Hund
3rd place: Edie Mae Uratani
J1 Division:
Year End All-Around Champion: Jack Pyatt
2nd place: Jozee Jackson
3rd place: Garrett Pharr
Junior Division:
Year End All-Around Champion: Dallie Uratani
2nd place: Isabella Pharr
Roping Champions:
Heading Champion: Teresa Walz
Heeling Champion: Cody Adams

This year the Lyle Adams Memorial Roping was held separately rather than throughout the spring and fall series.  The members only roping had a great turnout and boasted tough competition. Winning the custom made Tres Rios buckle designed by Lyle’s family was Dave Carlile. The Hamilton family also presented monogrammed jackets to second place winner Dick Carroll and third place winner Eddie Uratani. Holly Ricken and Cody Adams were given awards for the fastest time of the roping.

For more information about the Fowler Roping Club contact Lisa Uratani at 719-937-1579 or Teresa Walz at 719-248-1635.