Fowler 11 14 17 20 -62
Rye 10 5 10 12 -37
Swink 5 4 12 4 -25
Fowler 19 11 23 12 -65

After two more games in the win column the Fowler boys’ basketball team and their impressive 14-2 record moved up in the overall Colorado 2/A standings to third. The two losses are hard to remember because they were back in the first three weeks of last December when an outstanding season by the Grizzlies football team pushed back preparation for the schools’ basketball season.

To put it mildly the Grizzlies are playing in the basketball grove with 11 straight wins after the first of the year.
Things look very good for a playoff run in March.

The past two wins came at the cost of Rye Thunderbolts last Friday on their home court and rival neighbor Swink Saturday on the Grizzlies hardwoods.

The Friday game with Rye in Rye was for the most part settled in the first half with the Fowler five banging the boards on defense and consistently drawing net on offense to take a 25-15 lead.

And, at the final horn after topping the home team in both the third and fourth quarters, the Grizzlies took credit for yet another win at 62-37.

Fowler individual stats: Val Leone 19 points 7-19 shooting for 37 percent, 8 rebounds; Johnathan Mobbley 20 points on 8-14 shooting for 57% 13 rebounds; Gabriel Proctor 9 points 4-7 shooting for 57%; Luke Bitter 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 2
steals, 1 block.

It’s not always the team that scores first usually wins as Fowler did against Swink, but the team that takes a 19-5 lead in the first quarter usually does.

That was the case Saturday last, as the Fowler boys dominated the Swink Lions winning not only the first quarter, but all four quarters for a conference win at 65-25. Fowler individual stats: Val Leone 14 points; Johnathan Mobbley 13 points;
Gabriel Proctor 10 points.

On Friday the 11th annual “Orville Tomky Pumpkin Game” is scheduled to take place at the Chargers Gymnasium in Ordway, Colo. Tomorrow will be the 11th annual celebration of the popular event. The last basketball game each year between Crowley County and Fowler will have the winning team taking home a traveling trophy, a commemorative t-shirt, and bragging rights for the year.