Moffat 21 14 20 10 -65
Manzanola 9 7 7 18 -41

The 10-3 Moffat basketball team found their way to Manzanola this past Friday and showed why they are in second place in the Southern Peaks League standings.

With the visitors averaging 47.5 points per game it would take an extra effort to contain. That became evident as each quarter evolved.

Heaven Martinez started her team off on the right foot with a long-range bomb in back of the three-point line. Moffat came right back to lead 4-3 on two straight two-point shots that drew all net. Emma Martinez said back at you with a two pointer of her own and as the action was non-stop.

At 12-9 and in the lead the visiting Cowboys went on a nine-point unanswered run before the Bobcats could counter in the second quarter with a Hayden Pate free throw to make it 21-10 Cowboys.

The Moffat offensive attack was relentless as they continued with their scoring streaks in each of the next two periods to construct a big cushion going into the last eight minutes of play quarter. To their credit and no-quite attitude the Bobcats rallied in the last quarter to cut the lead by eight points with the final a disappointing Bobcats loss, 65-41.

Some Bobcats stats: Heaven Martinez 21 points on 7-17 shooting for 41%; Emma Martinez 10 points on 4-22 shooting for 18%; Hayden Pate 7 assists.