Manzanola 11 13 18 22 -64

Cotopaxi 16 13 21 16 -66

However unlikely, if a Pirate and a Bobcat actually went up against each other, who really can be sure what would happen?

In their meeting this past Thursday, the Cotopaxi Pirates (13-2 overall) and the 10-2 Bobcats from Manzanola went at each other sword and claw throughout four eight-minute quarters on the basketball court. It was as they say in sports, non-stop action, with the winner not decided until the last minutes of the game.

The Bobcats fell behind in the first quarter, 16-11; and at the half, those watching could tell this match-up was going to go down to the final horn.

Cotopaxi kept its focus to increase its lead to eight points, 50-42, over the tenacious Bobcats.

Manzanola rallied, as they have so many times this season, clawing at the visitors' lead, but unfortunately fell just two points short of tying the game in the very last minutes. It should be noted that the Bobcats' 16 steals and 32 defensive rebounds helped the team stay in the game until the very end.

Bobcats individual and team stats: Blake Williams, 29 points on 12-30 shooting for 40%, 9 rebounds; Axel Escareno, 19 points on 8-16 shooting for 50%, 11 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals.

Congratulations to Blake Williams for being selected the Manzanola Basketball Player of the Game.

The Manzanola boys faced the Panthers from Sierra Grande this past Tuesday in the quarterfinal round of the 1/A District-6 Tournament. (no results at press time).