With several sports and activities in limbo because of concerns over the corona virus, one location is still going strong.

That is John Martin Reservoir State Park.

"It's kind of been business as usual," said park director Dan Kirmer. "I was a little bit surprised to see how many people are still traveling and still coming out."

Early last week, business was especially good.

"The other day, it was a 70-degree day, and we had a shore-line full of fisherman at Lake Hasty," Kirmer said. "They were all catching trout and having a good time. There was a little more separation between the fishermen, but there was quite a bit of activity going on.

"Camping might be a little slower this year than typical as far as  spring break goes," Kirmer added. "Usually, we have a pretty good influx during that timeframe. Thursday, it didn't help with the wind being what it was, and that drives visitation down a little bit. But we're expecting normal conditions moving in.

"Boating is is kind of gone as typical this time of year," Kirmer added. "We've seen an influx as boat ramps open and people get active a little more and getting out on the water. We've had as many as six or seven boats on the water at one time, which is about normal this time of year. So it's business as usual and we just keep moving forward."

It is undetermined whether activity will pick up in the future.

"We'll see," Kirmer said. "Time will tell on that. We just don't know what comes next and we definitely don't know what the public's response is going to be."

The park visitor center is continuing to remain open as usual. The office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The park hours are 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. unless people are camping, fishing or boating.

"We're open as usual until we're told otherwise," Kirmer said. "As this point, everything has been to keep state parks open. Gov. Polis has been directing people to continue to get out, recreate and enjoy the outdoors. Just continue social separation to ensure we're containing the virus the best that we can and keep moving forward."

Several special events hosted by the park, however, have been cancelled or postponed.

"We have had some impacts, and we have a meeting next week to decide thew outcome of one of our events in April," Kirmer said. "We've had a hunter's safety class that was cancelled and will be probably be rescheduled sometime after May 11 is what our agency's standpoint has been. We're just continuing to address what we can see as far as the issues moving forward. Our boat safety classes would usually start up this time of year as well, and we've had to put all those off for the time being and we'll start scheduling as possible to do so.

"Other events that were in the community, many were cancelled by the community partners that were involved in establishing those events," Kirmer added. "That's reduced the number of events that are going on right now."