Jessica Klein and Jaron Hinkley have undertaken a mission requested by Gov. Jared Polis recently: medical-quality masks are needed for medical providers throughout the state. These masks may be manufactured by anyone who has a 3D printer. Hinkley had a 3D printer. The couple had their mission to help out in the COVID-19 crisis.

They turned to the internet for information on how to make them. They were able to work with a pattern designed by 3DVERKSPAN. This pattern creates the headband to which a transparent shield is attached. They order the transparent shield and attach it to the headband by hand.

They have now bought two additional printers to increase the speed of their output. Donors from the community have supplied materials and money to further the project. Klein and Hinkley have now manufactured 250 masks. The local emergency room at the Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center was supplied with 140 masks. They are now starting on nursing homes. They are also supplying some masks to La Junta Trading to be sold to essential workers. The medical establishments all receive masks free of charge. They have received sponsors from some of the nursing homes.

“We are making as many masks as we can, as fast as we can,” said Klein. “Once Otero County is covered, we will branch out to all of Southeast Colorado - Llamar, Eads, Springfield, after those closest to home are covered. We would not be able to make so many without the help of the community.”

Is her basement like a little factory now? Not only that, but their room, where the masks are put together.