Americans are not invincible

America went to bed one evening and our world was in order, our lives were in order or so we thought. We woke up to a whole different world and our lives have not been the same.

As we reflect over the past few weeks, let us remember what it must have been like for those during the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. They didn’t have running water, indoor plumbing, central heat or air conditioning, medical facilities had pretty slim offerings and communication was nil no cell phones, no internet, no TV. So what did they have for communication? Possibly the only news they had was newspaper and primitive radio. The news received probably was three days old.

The 1918 pandemic was devastating for families as their loved ones woke up with fevers and by nighttime, they were dead. Just imagine caring for your loved one at home, feeling helpless and with no medicine. Can you imagine the fear experienced by families wondering who would be next in their household? They probably burned mattresses, etc. and many victims were buried on their farms the number only known to God.

Maybe we weren’t as prepared as we could have been. Can we learn from this? Maybe we need to remember that we aren’t invincible and we need to prepare and plan. Maybe we will emerge from these challenging days a better people, better parents and willing to put God first in our lives and back in our schools.

Lucille Corsentino, Pueblo

More and more questions

We're faced with a big decision soon, having Black Hills Energy or not.

Like many, I've questions, like can the water department raise our rates? How can we find out? What recourse does the average citizen have if they can?

Is it beneficial for businesses, too? How are/will they be impacted?

My concern with Black Hills is it’s a traded stock, thus, the company has to pay money to its stockholders. And that's fair. But I'd be willing to bet there are very few if any Black Hills stockholders in Pueblo. What do you think?

Other flags arose, too, when I see a good chunk of change is supporting the "no" effort. More questions? Whose money is that? Undoubtedly, outsiders’, with much at stake. I'd bet it's not Pueblo money. You think? More transparency needs be shown.

I know which way I lean on this, but could be convinced to think otherwise if I had all the answers. Perhaps they're forthcoming?

Hope to hear in coming weeks.

William Drury, Pueblo

What is the plan?

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads relentlessly through the country, I have questions for President Donald Trump.

Do you have a plan to deal with it? Do you have a plan to get ventilators to all the states that need them? Do you have a plan to stop the unnecessary competitive bidding among states and the federal government for medical supplies?

Do you have a plan for ensuring that all health care providers have sufficient personal protective equipment? Do you have a plan for universal testing for the COVID-19 virus? Do you have a plan for who will administer the tests, and where? Do you have a plan for who will pay for the tests, for who will notify us of the results, for what we should do if we test positive?

I am not interested in your TV appearances, but I am interested in your plan. What is it? Do you even have one?

Peg Rooney, Penrose