With all the news and updates and warnings about COVID-19, I think there's a group of people who are at extremely high risk right now who are not getting the attention they desperately need.

Those among us who suffer daily from syndromes, including depression, anxiety, bi-polarity, alcoholism, drug addiction and other emotional and neurological ailments too numerous to list here, literally are fighting for their lives during this stay-at-home, no human contact order.

For many, the hardest, most painful treatment is to be forced to stay completely alone for an extended period of time, with no one to talk to, but the demons already inside our heads. They may avoid the COVID-19 threat, but they are at great risk of self-injury or even suicide.

Reach out to everyone on your email list or Twitter list and just say: "Hi. I'm thinking about you." All the Xanax on the planet cannot match the medicinal value of human kindness.

Emily Price, Pueblo West

Own up

Another head has been severed in the administration of President Donald Trump. I've lost track as to how many in a little more than three years. Is this a matter of bad judgment or of constantly looking for someone new to blame for his missteps and mistakes?

Everything that happens within our government, or in how the U.S. deals with other countries, is the responsibility of the office of the president ― most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump has been quick to criticize China by calling it “the China virus.” However, China's leadership, having no forewarning whatsoever, did a far better job of managing an unknown killer than has Trump. Trump had months ― all the way back to at least October ― when his administration was informed by China of what it knew.

Trump seems to be amused by putting others down. It started with fake news and deliberate disrespect for the press when it exposed his “misinformation.” Recently, he used harsh rhetoric and name calling when asked a question he didn't like by a seasoned member of the White House Press corps. He's mocked Nancy Pelosi and other leaders of the Democrats.

It doesn't matter how many people he fires, belittles, makes fun of or mocks in an attempt to deflect attention from his failures. “The buck stops here” in the office of the president.

Merilee Thompson, Pueblo

Money from heaven

Recently, our illustrious Gov. Jared Polis asked the Colorado delegation to Congress to set aside $500 billion for Colorado if there is a federal phase four stimulus/bailout/cluster. Cool.

Based on U.S. Census Bureau data, Colorado has an estimated 5.76 million citizens. That works out to about $86,200 per individual. Oh, happy days.

Of course, I'm pretty sure Gov. Gavin Newsom of California and Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York and the governors of the other states, territories and District of Columbia would want an equal share for their peeps. The Census Bureau estimates 329.5 million U.S. citizens.

Let's take that times $86,200 and we get, uh ,well let's see (can that be right?) $28.6 trillion.

In 2019, the federal government took in $3.4 trillion and spent $4.5 trillion, a paltry $1.1 trillion deficit. Let's see, $28.6 trillion divided by $3.4 trillion. We only would need every penny the fed collected in the year 2019 for the next 8.5 years to pay for this "stimulus" as long as we never spend a penny on anything else like Social Security, Medicare or military defense.

What could be wrong with that? Whatever you think of Gov. Polis, you can't say he doesn't dream big and, sure as heck, math isn't his strong suit. Can we throw in some candy canes and cotton candy?

Steve Cleveland, Pueblo West