Editor’s Note: The novel coronavirus has affected all our lives, but it’s been especially poignant

for our high school seniors, whose long-awaited last few months in school came to an abrupt end.

Of course, we recognize these measures were put in place to protect everyone.

So many of our young adults have dreamed for years of attending their senior prom, preparing for graduation and, for the student-athletes on the spring sports teams, of finishing their sports career at a personal peak.

In an effort to give the student athletes the recognition they would have received had Covid-19 not invaded our lives, the Fowler Tribune is highlighting one senior student athlete each week.

We hope you enjoy their stories and, when the world returns to normal and you see them out and about, congratulate these future leaders.

Outstanding Fowler Seniors Student Athletes - Orin Carnes

Orin’s answers to the questionnaire sent to all spring sports senior athletes:

Orin Carnes a three-sport athlete for the Grizzlies participated in football, wrestling as well as and track and field.

A perfect example of a multi-sport athlete using his abilities in one sport to increase his performance in another sport with the end result making him a better all-around athlete.

Carnes, who showed the backside of his jersey to all competitors in the State Meet last year to win the 2/A title in the difficult 110-meter hurdles. Carnes also was a 2019 State Qualifier in the 300-meter hurdles event.

Height: 6’ 1   Weight: 160 Age and place of birth:18, Born in Pueblo Colorado

What you like best about high school sports: In football and wrestling I loved the feeling of being a team and working together. On the track I always loved to push myself and learn.

Your most memorable sports experience in your high school career: All of my most memorable experiences are from my Junior year of high school. It was my first year playing center for the Football Team. My first year going to state wrestling. My first year winning the 110 Hurdles at the State Competition. I was surrounded by a lot of good people and a lot of good friends, all of which helped me learn, and molded me into a better athlete.

Your favorite subject in school: Advanced Tech Apps

Your favorite sports figure: Don’t Have One

Your favorite team: Don’t Have One

Your favorite meal and desert: Anything

Your favorite movie: The Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring

Your favorite type of music and your favorite musician or group: Classic Rock (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

If I could visit any place it would be: Home. In a few months, I’m going into the Navy, so I’m not going to see my home for a long time.

Your plans after graduation: (College, trade school, prospective job, career plan): I have enlisted in the Navy, and will go for Nuclear Technology.

(Optional) Your thoughts on the cancelation and/or the Pandemic situation:

I think people are scared. They should be, but it should never have gotten to this point. We are smart. There were ways we could have gone to, firstly, prevent the initial spread, and secondly, still continue events such as school and sports without the spread of the virus. I’m just disappointed that I’ll be filled with regret when I look back to this point in my life.