Make your next trip more comfortable with special pillows, cocktail kits and more.

I travel about once a month for work or fun and I have my travel routine down pat. First, I have to be at the airport far earlier than I really need to be thanks to a little family trait my psychiatrist step-dad jokingly calls "fahrflughafenangst" loosely translated as "anxiety about getting to the airport." It might not be an officially identified syndrome, but it's real for me. I also have a great wheeled carry on bag from Travelon  that my Mom bought me.  It fits under the seat but can carry so much stuff. I can also fit my laptop bag right on top and often just use their folded bag that comes with it for that purpose.  She also keeps buying me shoes, but that's another story.  To prep, I download at least two movies or a bunch of shows I'm binge-watching on Amazon Prime (like Jack Ryan at the moment) so I don't need any WiFi access and always have a book on hand. The Last Cruise by Kate Christensen is the one I'm reading now. So good. I try not to work on the plane because it's often the only free time I have. 

There are a few more things I always bring on my trips:  



Because I live in a warm weather city, Austin, TX, I wear flip-flops or sandals as much as possbile which makes it easier to get through the TSA line. I also signed up for TSA-Pre and I highly recommend paying extra money to do that if you fly a lot. But when I wear sandals, my feet get cold on the plane so I bring along some slippers I can roll up and fit into a pocket. These foldable travel slippers are perfect for that and are also good for water shoes by the pool or at the beach. ($25)

Neck pillow, sleep mask and ear plugs


Have you seen people bring their bed pillow on a plane? Are you one of them? Why?! Why?! It's so clunky and just looks weird. Sorry, but I had to say it. I use one of these neck pillows so I'm comfortable no matter how or where I'm sitting, This kit comes with a sleep mask and ear plugs, too, for optimal sleeping comfort. ($23).  


A Cocktail Kit

Oh, heck yes!  Those little bottles of spirits are fine but when I want a craft cocktail and I'm nowhere near a hip bartender to make me one, I just use one of these small but mighty craft cocktail kits on the plane. The Cocktail Box cocktail kit makes six drinks from one kit. Make an Old Fashioned, Champagne Cocktail. Gin Martini, and more. I also like the  Carry on Cocktail Kit. Make Bloody Marys, Champagne Cocktails, Hot Toddys and Old Fashioneds in single or two-packs.  Each tin makes two cocktails. Just add booze. They include bitters, muddlers, sugar cubes -- everything you need but the booze. 


Noise Cancelling Headphones

I mentioned that my flight might be the only time I get some peace and quiet. That requires noise cancelling headphones to block out the sound of the engine and my pesky seatmate.These are a mere $65, which is much less expensive than many of this quality.



a long flight followed by immediate event or meeting necessitates a refresher. Get the Patchology On the Fly travel skincare kit with flashpatch eye and lip gels and Flashmasque sheet masks. TSA-friendly skincare kit. It contains the perfect patch and mask combination to hydrate your skin, illuminate your complexion, wake up tired, puffy eyes, and smooth your dry lips for the true royal treatment, no matter when pampering calls. ($20) 


Booze bags


We like to travel to Central America's most underrated country, Belize, and when we do, we bring our friends who live there the bottles of spirits they can in no way shape or form get in Belize, like Plantation pineapple rum and great Scotch or Bourbon. To do that, we're allowed one bottle each in our checked baggage and we use these wine sleeves to pack it. We haven't had a spill yet.  The thick bubble padding and Velcro seal protects all sorts of glass bottles including wine, spirits, olive oil and perfume.  They’re reusable, too, so an even greater value. $16.45

Bon Voyage! 

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